In an age where technology is advancing at a supreme rate, it’s quite amazing to think we still use wood crates. Wood has been around, well, forever and here we are. Still using them to ship our beloved goods across the world. The reason we still use it is fairly simple. It works and it works well. I’m sure we’d all like to skip the shipping aspect and have our goods teleported directly to our door, but until Star Trek becomes a reality, wood crates are going to have to do. It’s not difficult to ensure your product arrives safely with a wood crate, but in case you’re worrying, just be sure of the following.

Reasons to Ship with Wood Crates

They’re Durable

If you want to ship something in a safe manner, void of any damage, wood crates should be your choice. They can stand years and years of hard labor and still hold their strength for another go. As an added bonus, they help us reduce our waste by the constant recycling. Can’t say that about cardboard can you?

They’re Moisture Proof

Shipping something that is prone to water damage is nerve-wracking. Water is pesky and can seep through the tiniest of crevices. Usually not a good mix for shipping products. This, however, can be avoided by making sure you have moisture proof crates. Most are treated this way, so the search shouldn’t be too difficult.

They’re Space Efficient

This may not seem like a way to keep your products safe but think about it. Would you rather have a neatly organized, pleasant stack of square boxes or a pile of oblong shaped objects falling over each other? Organizing the crates prevents them from moving around too much. Movement often causes damage, so in this case, it’s cool to be square.

They’re Resistant to Corrosion and Insects

Corrosion tends to break down certain elements over time, but not these crates. Due to the possibility to face all kinds of extreme temperatures, make sure your crates are treated to resist corrosion. Also, don’t forget about those annoying bugs. It seems like a losing battle, but there is a way to stop nasty, wood boring insects from destroying your cargo. Wood that is resistant to termites and similar critters should be sought after.

All in all, just choosing wood crates for you shipping needs is a good start to ensure your products arrive safely. Just make sure of a few key details for a stress-free delivery.