custom shipping crates

There are many different types of wooden crates used for business and industry. Lightweight one-time use crates can be more economical than investing in a heavy duty reinforced crate. The type of crate you need is as unique as your business. When you need a crate that can go the extra mile, then a wooden crate with aluminum gussets can offer the most cost effective and safe option. Here are a few things you should know when it comes to the world of reinforced crates.

Standard Wooden Crates

A typical wood crate is constructed entirely with wood and wood reinforcements. When you need a basic crate, this is one of the best options. Wood crates normally offer one large compartment for storage but a divided wooden crate can offer some organization options.

Adding Strength And Durability

For some tasks, you might need a crate that can offer a lot of strength and durability. Aluminum gussets allow the corners of a crate to be protected from damage while adding strength to the entire crate. Gussets can make a crate last for years in many cases. When applied at all joints and seams, gussets can provide a lot of protection from forklifts and other machinery. For items that are more delicate, an aluminum gusset crate is a reliable and cost effective choice.

Reduce Damaged Goods

Product loss can mean a big hit in the profits of your company. Skimping on packaging can be a costly mistake. Using high-quality crates that are meant to take more than the load you are putting on them will ensure that your business doesn’t have to deal with damaged products and the resulting loss of profits. You can make sure that your customers get what they ordered delivered in as good condition as it was when it left your care.

Custom Crating Options

Crate Tech has many standard crates and pallets available to meet your packaging needs. If you need a custom crate order, we would be happy to discuss and then design the perfect crate for your shipment. We have many locations to serve you, including Seattle, Chicago, and Wichita and offer prompt and courteous service to all our customers.

We can install caster wheels, dividers, and more into any crate we make or offer on our site. For those that attend trade shows and need specific crates for furniture and art, we offer lightweight crates with caster wheels.