These days, there are many objects and products that need to be shipped for businesses and companies, both worldwide and here in the United States. Here at Crate Tech, packaging is the specialty. But an option that not everyone is aware of is the on-site packaging. Crate Tech is able to ensure that property is kept safe by not moving it, as well as come and package items that are simply too big to be moved to a Crate Tech location where they can be packaged. That’s great news for those with large items that are needing to ship them for their business. Whether one is manufacturing airplanes, motorcycles, or the propellers for a cruise ship, Crate Tech has the tools to get anything package and ready to ship.

Pros of On-Site Packaging


The shipping and packaging specialists at Crate Tech are able to crate and package items and materials on site so that they do not need to be transported to another location. Freight, shipping, and packaging are each made easier when the service is brought to your location.

Convenience and Efficiency

Crating and Packaging on-site is much more convenient than having to go to the location of a packaging service to have materials shipped for transport. When running a business there are many items that need the attention of the employees. In many cases it is more efficient to have Crate Tech come to the location and do on site packaging right then and there.

Vacuum Sealing

Some items should not be exposed to increased moisture. To prevent oxidization and the growth of unwanted fungi or aerobic bacteria, a great idea could be to have the item vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing Is helpful because it makes sure that no air or moisture gets in or out of the packaging.

Heat Shrink Wrap

Another way to protect an item being shipped from the elements is to have Crate Tech heat shrink wrap the item. The nature of shrink wrapping allows it to be something that can easily be done on-site. Large items can be shrink wrapped to protect them from weather and the outside world, and smaller items can also be shrink wrapped to group them together safely and securely and prevent shifting during transit.

These are just a few of the many benefits of having Crate Tech handle the crate and packaging needs on-site, rather than attempting to transport a large item to one of the locations. Shipping and freight can be a hassle, and many times the best answer is on-site shipping. Have Crate Tech come out and assist in the Midwest, including Chicago, Kansas, and even the Pacific Northwest including Seattle and Kent. Crate Tech can be reached today at (253) 872-6857!