From managing a facility to owning your private company, all types of industries can benefit from using custom wooden crate packaging. Many business owners spend a good portion of their time trying to figure out ways to better secure and effectively store their products for packaging or shipping purposes. Our packaging experts over at Crate Tech have came up with a couple benefits that business owners and managers alike can take advantage of.

What are the advantages of using custom packaging?

  • When it comes to heavy goods or equipment, wooden crates are the way to go. Forget the “one size fits all” motto, custom crates are built to fit anything in need of being packaged. In addition, wooden crates guarantee good strength because of the excellent weight distribution they have to offer. Wooden crates also offer endurance and have proven to last through years of wear and tear.
  • In terms of storage and transportation, wooden crates are great because they can easily and safely be stacked and stored. Taking advantage of your moving truck or warehouse space is essential. Custom wooden crates can be designed to ensure proper stacking and ultimately take up less space.
  • One of the golden perks of using custom wooden crates is their affordable cost. Wooden crates are constructed through a simple and more natural process which translates to a lower production cost.
  • If you’re transporting fragile items, then it is vital to make sure they will be secure and steady. We see a lot of this when for e.g. plumbers ship a lot of their more fragile and expensive items. Wooden crates offer a great deal of protection and are very stable. You can rest easy when shipping items of high value with custom wooden crates.

The packaging and crate industry is one that requires great interest and niche expertise. Crate Tech, Inc. is currently committed to “service beyond expectation,” and brings 20 years of wooden crate experience to the table. Constantly meeting the needs of our valued customers, Crate Tech excels in providing the best custom wooden crates around! Crate Tech now has 4 locations across the nation, in Seattle, Wichita, Chicago, and now in Kingston, NC. To get started with your own custom crates, get in touch with a Crate Tech expert today by giving us a call at 253-872-6857!