Those who are involved with shipping are more aware of the many different types of boxes and crates that are available for shipping. Sometimes, because of weight or safety reasons, a metal or aluminum crate might be the best bet. Much of the time, however, wooden crates and even custom ones are going to be a safe bet for shipping. But what makes wood so popular as the material to be used for shipping materials across the country, and even around the world?

3 Reasons Wooden Crates are Best

Renewable Resource

Wood is a renewable resource, and depending on the type of wood used to make a particular crate, some trees can grow to within cutting height within a few years. This makes the production of wooden crates less of a strain on the environment than materials that would take a long time to make and produce.

Easy to Customize

Wood is also a material that is easy to construct abstract shapes out of. This makes it ideal for the custom crates that Crate Tech specializes in designing. Small and even large items can sometimes call for an extraordinary crate shape to be able to accommodate the shipping material most effectively. The best way to go about doing that is with wood, which can be used to construct crates of all shapes and sizes.

Wooden Crates Can be Reused

The last blog post here at Crate Tech referred to how wooden crates can be re-used in a variety of creative ways to keep them from going to waste. This is one of the exciting benefits of using wooden crates for shipping and freight purposes, the crates used are able to be customized into useful purposes, for residential as well as commercial use. Wooden pallets have even been spotted, painted and sitting in the front of houses.

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