standard box wont do

Custom crate and box manufacturing can be necessary. Many times an object that needs to be shipped is simply too big or irregularly shaped, and standard boxes and crates simply aren’t going to do the trick. That’s where Crate Tech comes in. With Custom Crate building expertise, Crate Tech is able to custom-build the proper crate to be able to transport what is necessary.

There are many benefits to being able to customize a crate for an item that needs to be shipped.

Custom Crates

  • Built for any specification

    Crate Tech takes pride in meeting the customer’s needs regardless of what they are, and the staff is experienced in working with vendors to employ the most efficient method of packaging for a particular item.

  • Tailored to the needs of the customer

    Whatever the specification, whatever the need, Crate Tech’s passion is being able to meet the requirements of the customer.

  • Feature access doors when necessary

    These access doors can feature a Plexiglas window when viewing is preferable, and can feature hinges to open and close or can even be removed entirely.

  • Optional reinforcement is also a possibility

    For a crate that will need to endure a little more aluminum reinforcement can also be added to a custom crate.


Sometimes a standard cardboard box will work for a packaging need. Other times standard cardboard boxes are not durable or strong enough to ship when a customer has a special need. When more is required for a shipping, freight, or crate need than the traditional box or crate can supply, get in touch with Crate Tech at (253) 872-6857!