Sometimes the items you are looking to ship are either too large or too small. The standard “one size fits all” shipping box has slowly become a method of the past. The crate experts over at Crate Tech have determined that custom wooden crates are the best way to go for shipping virtually anything you need! Custom wooden crates provide a way for you to safely store and ship items that traditional packaging techniques cannot accomplish. Take a look at this list that we have compiled that displays the benefits you can take advantage of when using custom wooden crates for shipping your items.


Why Use Custom Wooden Crates for Shipping?


Worry Less About Size

One of the perks about custom wooden crates is that they can be built around just about any item that is in need of shipping. In order to meet customer’s specific needs, it is important that a crate can be built for any specification required. Crate Tech prides themselves on being able to meet any crating need desired from a customer.


Safe & Secure

The beauty of custom wooden crates is that they ensure the protection of your item during transportation. To restrict any movement and reduce minor damages, the crates are built around whatever it is you may be shipping. This guarantees quality protection because your valuables will have a snug fit in the crate.


Reuse of Materials

If you’re a DIY type of person, or simply just enjoy recycling and reusing products then custom wooden crates are perfect for you. Once your item is safely transported, it is easy to break your custom crate down and reuse the material. In the past, we have seen customers reuse their custom wooden crates to create bookshelves, desks or even additional storage crates!


In Need of a Custom Wooden Crate?

Crate Tech is here to serve all of your custom crate needs! Committed to “service beyond expectation,” our craftsmen have been building wooden crates for over 20 years. We are constantly meeting the needs of our customers by being able to take on jobs of any size. The benefits of using custom wooden crates to transport your items outweigh other traditional methods of shipping such as the use of pallets. If you’re located in Seattle, Wichita, Chicago or Kingston, NC and are in need of a custom wooden crate then get in touch with Crate Tech today! Give us a call at 253-872-6857 to see what how we can be of service to you!