“Service Beyond Expectation” means we are not limited to one or two services. While we specialize in wood and metal containers, we think “outside the box” to Exceed your Expectations.

We find satisfaction in meeting our customer’s needs and because of that mindset we have had some pretty exciting projects over the years.”

Some of our favorite projects include:

1. A WW II Submarine Deep Water Bomb for a Naval Museum

2. An Exercise Machine that worked only your legs without moving them (Prototype)

3. A Stand up Water Jet that was like surfing without the waves

4. A Hyper sleep Chamber (That was cool)

5. A stuffed Grizzly Bear (Scary)

6. of course the Morticians Table (Scarier)

We have crated and packaged everything from antique furniture, to grandma’s china, to industrial equipment going overseas, to fragile pieces of metal that allow our aerospace industry to build their planes with confidence.

Our staff is also experienced in obtaining insurance for exquisite antique chandeliers that are being shipped across the country, or loading industrial goods into cargo containers going overseas. There is no packaging or shipping job that is outside of our ability.

We can also build worktables, tradeshow crates, and various other custom spec projects that have nothing to do with what one would typically associate with crating and shipping.


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