Want to properly ship a product to someone?

You are either looking to sell something on the internet or are sending something to a friend or family member and are hoping it gets there safely and properly. What you need to do is make sure you properly package your product. information about domain . If you are like some of my family members and have never packaged anything to ship then this blog post will be of value to you.

Where do I start?

You hate to see your baby go, but the late car payments and failure to pay the phone bill is really getting to you. The first thing you have ever posted to an auction site, you recently put your precious Xbox One up on Ebay.  After three days of bidding you were excited seeing the prices climb higher and and higher with each successful bid. Finally it gets to the closing bell, and bidder ‘xboxrocks85’ wins the bid. You see the money posted to your paypal account, and to avoid negative reviews you decide to get your Xbox One all packed up and ready for shipping.

How to Package your Product

Now that you sold your Xbox One you are ready for it to get all boxed up and packaged. What you want to do is find a box or manila package that will properly fit you product. Never use a box that is too big for your product because all it will do is up the shipping costs and make the product less stable within the box. If you are using a box that has been used before make sure it is like new. You should never use a box with a crease in it. https://cratetech.com/package-product-for-shipping/ https://cratetech.com/package-product-for-shipping/ https://cratetech.com/package-product-for-shipping/If shipping something like an Xbox you should brace the corners with foam end caps to help absorb impact if the package is dropped during shipping. If there are any air spaces in the box you should make sure to fill it with packing material such as old newspapers to ensure the item doesn’t move when you shake the container.

Tape The Product, Now it is Ready for Shipping

Last thing you need to do is properly tape the box with shipping or duct tape! Although remember, before doing this shake the box and make sure the product feels sturdy and comfortable inside. The next step is bringing it to a USPS, FedEX, or UPS. I typically like using USPS with its cheap flat rate priority boxes and fast shipping times, but for larger packages I generally like to use FedEx.

I hope these packaging tips helped you out and will help get your package over to its destination safely!