Wooden crates come in all shapes and sizes. There are different types of wooden crates used for the different types of shipping which include frame, open, closed, and stitched crates. The crates are used for different purposes. Sometimes a crate is used for shipping food such as tomatoes or potatoes. Sometimes because of their durability they are used for shipping of metal parts and pieces.

Wooden Crates Make Shipping Easier

Wooden crates make shipping a hell of a lot easier. Without wooden crates we would be stuck with cardboard boxes and we all know how that shipment works out. We have seen many times a fragile box from ups come box all bruised and mangled up. As opposed to their box counterpart they are reusable. These are just a couple reasons wooden crates make shipping easier.

How Can I Find Custom Wooden Crates for Sale?

Custom wooden crates are a touchy subject, you can find them off of craigslist or at your local woodshop, but these two methods usually result in less than par products. If you would like custom built crates with people who actually know what they are doing then we are your choice. Crate Tech Inc. has been in business since 1993 and has many happy customers.

If you would like feel free to take a look at some of our custom wood projects.