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How Could I Find Wooden Crates for Sale?

Wooden crates come in all shapes and sizes. There are different types of wooden crates used for the different types of shipping which include frame, open, closed, and stitched crates. The crates are used for different purposes. Sometimes a crate is used for shipping food such as tomatoes or potatoes. Sometimes because of their durability they are used for shipping of metal parts and pieces.

Wooden Crates Make Shipping Easier

Wooden crates make shipping a hell of a lot easier. Without wooden crates we would be stuck with cardboard boxes and we all know how that shipment works out. We have seen many times a fragile box from ups come box all bruised and mangled up. As opposed to their box counterpart they are reusable. These are just a couple reasons wooden crates make shipping easier.

How Can I Find Custom Wooden Crates for Sale?

Custom wooden crates are a touchy subject, you can find them off of craigslist or at your local woodshop, but these two methods usually result in less than par products. If you would like custom built crates with people who actually know what they are doing then we are your choice. Crate Tech Inc. has been in business since 1993 and has many happy customers.

If you would like feel free to take a look at some of our custom wood projects.

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4 Reasons Wooden Crates and Pallets Make Shipping Easier

Thank god for wooden crates and pallets. Without them shipping would be hell for a select group of people such as supermarkets, manufacturers, and machine shops. Cardboard boxes hold their place, but there is only so much they can do. Today we are going to talk about why wooden crates and pallets can make shipping projects easier.


4 Reasons to use wooden crates and pallets for a shipping project!


  1. Cardboard boxes typically aren’t strong enough to hold metal parts and pieces. Sometimes you will need something stronger, something that can hold its own, and something that is made for this sort of stuff. The answer to this is Wooden Crates. There are different types of wooden crates for different occasions. available domain names There are frame crates used for shipping heavy objects, open crates used for providing ventilation to prevent spoiling of foods, closed crates used for keeping an object or objects enclosed and protected inside the crate, and stitched crates which are typically used for transporting tomatoes. To learn more about the different types of crates available you can take a look at our past blogs: Different Types of Wooden Crates.
  2. Pallets help separate specific products in a shipment. For example when a supermarket gets a shipment each pallet will typically have a product within a certain section. This will help prevent the need to separate and sort the items after unloading them.
  3. Another useful need for pallets is the fact that it totally speeds up the loading and unloading process. Instead of having to carry boxes out one by one, a forklift can pick up the pallets and carry them out.
  4. Finally, the last reason we have is the fact that wooden crates and wooden pallets are reusable unlike their cardboard box counterpart. Cardboard boxes crush and break during transportation and shipping. They are very fragile, and are not reliable for shipment of larger or heavier products.


We hope our followers and repeat customers appreciated this blog post. Be sure to be on the lookout for more! If you are in the need for any custom wood crates or pallets then we are the ones for your next packaging and shipping project. Take a look at the following link: Custom Wooden Crates and Pallets.


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Different types of Wooden Crates

Ahhhh the good ol’ wooden crates, without them where would we be in this world. They are very important, for example when you are shipping produce, industrial or heavy duty material you are going to need more than just cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes hold their purpose, but when it comes to shipping something heavy like steel or shipping produce like fruits and vegetables then there is no better way to ship the product than to use wooden crates. Wooden crates hold their purpose in plenty of ways and there are different types to use to make sure your shipping process goes smooth.

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How to Package your Product for Shipping

Want to properly ship a product to someone?

You are either looking to sell something on the internet or are sending something to a friend or family member and are hoping it gets there safely and properly. What you need to do is make sure you properly package your product. information about domain . If you are like some of my family members and have never packaged anything to ship then this blog post will be of value to you.

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Quick Tips For International Shipping

At Crate Tech, we specialize in creating custom wooden shipping containers (crates) that are personally constructed to fit your specific item. Now, while we can build you all the crates you want, you won’t be able to do much with them if you don’t know a thing or two about shipping large items internationally. Aside from placing the product in the box and putting a proper label on it, shipping items internationally can be unchartered waters for someone who’s new to the process.

With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of some tips for you when you’re ready to ship that wooden crate internationally.

4 Tips for Shipping Wooden Crates Internationally

  1. Choose your product wisely.

    While the items don’t have to be small, you want to choose items that are relatively inexpensive and not too large in size. The difference between shipping throughout the U.S. and shipping internationally is pretty drastic. For reference, an item that’s sold in the U.S. for $140.00 could cost up to $1,500.00 to ship across borders.

  2. Check country regulations and requirements.

    There are some countries that have unique shipping laws such as Vietnam, where it’s illegal to import calendars (that’s right, we said calendars). Although this one may seem a bit outlandish, there are plenty more out there and every country has them. So wherever you’re shipping your crate, make sure you check that specific countries international shipping laws and regulations.

  3. Know the shipping rates.

    Before you send your item, you want to check with the countries shipping rate. When an item is shipped from Cleveland to Miami, there’s a flat rate shipping cost, but when that same item crosses another border, there a whole new set of rates applied that include a different tax amount. You want to give whoever you’re shipping the item to a “landed cost,” which is the calculated amount that includes the tax that may be applied. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that if the crate is delivered and there’s a $100 duty on it, they may refuse the delivery all together.

  4. Utilize fulfillment services.

    In a majority of cases, a retailer will pay a flat fee for each order shipped out. This flat fee includes labeling, packaging, and shipping. There are some sites that can help you manage these services such as Amazon and Shipwire, which you should utilize because they’ll help you monitor all the pesky costs.

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