Thank god for wooden crates and pallets. Without them shipping would be hell for a select group of people such as supermarkets, manufacturers, and machine shops. Cardboard boxes hold their place, but there is only so much they can do. Today we are going to talk about why wooden crates and pallets can make shipping projects easier.


4 Reasons to use wooden crates and pallets for a shipping project!


  1. Cardboard boxes typically aren’t strong enough to hold metal parts and pieces. Sometimes you will need something stronger, something that can hold its own, and something that is made for this sort of stuff. The answer to this is Wooden Crates. There are different types of wooden crates for different occasions. available domain names There are frame crates used for shipping heavy objects, open crates used for providing ventilation to prevent spoiling of foods, closed crates used for keeping an object or objects enclosed and protected inside the crate, and stitched crates which are typically used for transporting tomatoes. To learn more about the different types of crates available you can take a look at our past blogs: Different Types of Wooden Crates.
  2. Pallets help separate specific products in a shipment. For example when a supermarket gets a shipment each pallet will typically have a product within a certain section. This will help prevent the need to separate and sort the items after unloading them.
  3. Another useful need for pallets is the fact that it totally speeds up the loading and unloading process. Instead of having to carry boxes out one by one, a forklift can pick up the pallets and carry them out.
  4. Finally, the last reason we have is the fact that wooden crates and wooden pallets are reusable unlike their cardboard box counterpart. Cardboard boxes crush and break during transportation and shipping. They are very fragile, and are not reliable for shipment of larger or heavier products.


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